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Taylor Zartman

Instructor: Improv

Taylor is motivated by collecting, connecting, and sharing. This has led her to a career where artist, educator, and community organizer interweave. 


Her interdisciplinary path began at DePauw University. A 2015 graduate of Art & Art History, Taylor also began her theater career at the university. She is constantly merging the visual, performative, and historical. Taylor’s production roles include Actor, Dramaturg, Director, Aesthetic Designer, and Projection Artist. As a scholar, her studies focus on Dada and Surrealism and she has presented research on surrealist games. Her artwork has been shown across Indiana at venues such as I Fell Gallery (Bloomington), Cat Head Press (Indianapolis), and the Indianapolis Art Center. 


Improv is the culmination of her pursuits. An educator since 2015, Taylor began incorporating improv into her classes as soon as she started teaching them. She served as a Theatrical Mentor at DePauw University while she worked as the university’s Archival Researcher from 2016-2019. And she has served as a Teaching Artist at the Indianapolis Art Center since 2016. Most recently, she studied improv under Jim Ansaldo, fellow BAFT instructor. 


As the Founder, Executive Director, and Curator of the local art space and community, The Blunderbuss Cabinet, Taylor can be seen as the emcee of the space’s regular interdisciplinary showcases. Additionally, Taylor most recently performed at the 2019 Indy Convergence Open Lab where she was an Artist-in-Residence. 

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