Improv for Adults Workshop

Improv for Adults with Taylor Zartman

Sunday, June 27


Ages 16+


Are your social skills a bit rusty? Vaccinated and ready to play with others? BAFT's Improv Workshop is for you!


Improv is theatre that is created together, in the moment. Through play and experimentation, you will learn to be present with each other--watching, listening, and trusting your partners as you collaborate. Whether in an acting studio, a classroom, a family room, or a Zoom room, building on these skills will help improvers to:

  • grow creatively, trust artistic impulses, and take risks.

  • embrace supportive collaboration: “Make your partner look good.”

  • improve communication and listening skills, focusing on engaging fully with surroundings.

  • gain a strong improv foundation – a knowledge of various games and storytelling techniques.

  • be better performers and, consequently, better communicators


Materials Needed

  • Mask
  • Closed-Toe Shoes
  • Notebook/Pencil

Improv for Adults Workshop