HOLIDAY Short Film Project - ACTORS

HOLIDAY Short Film Project with Byron Wolter, Logan Hunter, and Brandie Spencer


Age: 16+

Days/Time: Wednesdays, 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Class Dates: October 21, 28; November 4, 11, 18; Dec 2, 9

Registration Deadline: October 16


Course Description:


In this BAFT Studios project, you will get the experience of jumping into a full-scale film production right away! This immersive, experiential, project-based learning environment will prepare actors, writers, filmmakers, and editors to work on industry-level film sets. 


Actors will have the opportunity to prepare alongside filmmakers to originate a role that is written specifically for them. Using sides extracted from the log line, actors will be on camera from day one. Professional coaching and guidance in acting and on-camera techniques, including understanding types of shots and angles, will prepare both experienced and novice actors for their on-screen role. From the first table read to the last “cut”, actors will undergo the full industry-standard process.


All groups will be working closely together to develop and produce the film written specifically for the class, which will be marketed and submitted to film festivals for distribution.


Prerequisites/Skills Required:


Materials Needed:

  • Facemask (must be worn at all times unless directed to remove for a scene)
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Pen/pencil, dedicated notebook

HOLIDAY Short Film Project - ACTORS