411 East 7th St Bloomington, IN 47408

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Ages: 16+

Days: Sunday

Time: 3:00pm-6:00pm

Dates: February 23

Location: BAFT - 411 East 7th St

Fee: $60


Course Description:

Adrianne Cury, long-time Chicago actor, director, and teacher will teach a workshop that will improve your audition technique, and enable you to go into that next audition with far more tools in your toolbox. She has taught Cold Reading, Audition & Rehearsal Prep, Monologues, and other classes for 17 years (Acting Studio Chicago, Depaul TTS, & many others), and loves helping people exorcise those audition demons, so they can do great work, even with little time to prepare. Using Michael Shurtleff’s guideposts, as well as imagery & archetype, she’ll guide you to make fearless physical & vocal choices, while maintaining a sense of your authentic self.


Audition materials/copy and scenes/monologues will be provided.

Students should bring a highlighter, pencil/notebook, and water bottle. 

Please wear comfortable business casual: no sweats/yoga pants, dresses, or heels.

Demystifying the Audition Process