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BAFT Studios 
First Annual
Short Film Festival

The Bloomington Academy of Film & Theatre and Pigasus Institute invite you and your family to our first annual short film festival at the historic Buskirk-Chumley Theater in downtown Bloomington, Indiana on December 12, 3pm-5pm.  
​This is a FREE event open to the public. 

PART 2: For more mature audiences


Vengeance Identity (RUNTIME TBD)

A BAFT Movie Camp for Teens Selection

When a bullied teen is pushed to the limit, she takes drastic measures to teach her abuser a lesson. 

Cast & Crew: Sabrina Balle-Voyles, Nora Collins, Rachel Kelley

Directed by Nora Collins

Dearly Departed (17:55)

At a wake for their uncle, killed in a hunting accident, a family tries to keep it together, but one can’t let go of the past.

Cast & Crew: Nora Barber, Anna Crombar, Martin Cusato, Caitlin Diekhoff, Jiayi Grace Geng, Valeria Grant, James Halpin, Michael Horsley, Owen Horton, Rena Johnson, Ethan Masten, Reilly Smith, Brandie Spencer, Becky Stapf, Lucy Uhrick, Amanda West-Bookwalter


It Gets Ugly (13:55)

Two friends reluctantly accept an invitation to a holiday party, but when a lavish prize is offered for the ugliest sweater, it ignites a spirited contest.

Cast & Crew: Yvonne Avery, Carrie Davis, Caitlin Diekhoff, Macy Evans, James Halpin, Michael Horsley, Ehtan Masten, Velencia Posso, Bennett Paul Stegenga​

Directed by Brandie Spencer


The Co-op (11:10)


A new tenant must rescue a neighbor after witnessing the unsettling consequences of breaking the co-op boards rules.

Cast & Crew: Anna Crombar, Caitlin Diekhoff, Steven Drenth, Owen Horton, Maya Jenson, Jessica Oyer, John Rodriguez, Madeline Stewart ​

Directed by Ethan Masten


Before the Bonsai Speaks (10:46)

Longing to be accepted into the gardening club, an Asian immigrant woman is faced with a dilemma that will lead to either self-acceptance or the loss of her cultural identity.

Cast & Crew: Jiayi Grace Geng, Robin Lea Pyle, Connie Shakalis, Brandie Spencer, Maria Izzo Walker

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