BAFT Studios 
First Annual
Short Film Festival

The Bloomington Academy of Film & Theatre and Pigasus Institute invite you and your family to our first annual short film festival at the historic Buskirk-Chumley Theater in downtown Bloomington, Indiana on December 12, 3pm-5pm.  
​This is a FREE event open to the public. 

PART 1: Kid Friendly


Six Weeks (2:28)

A BAFT Movie Camp for Kids Selection

When a swarm of cicadas descend on their small town, a brother and sister must fight for their survival. ​

Cast & Crew: Bella Carney, Braelyn Dimick, Theo Maciukenas, Hallie Northcutt, Benjamin Witherbee        

No Duh (11:48)

An old friendship is put to the test when a study group of '80s teens gets twice interrupted--first by the most popular girl in school...and then by something...else. 

Cast & Crew: Samantha Brown, Camerion Cole, Nora Collins, Anna Crombar, Jocylon Evans, Max Klosinski, Weston Matthews, Macy Mullin, Lucy Parker, Veronica Piurek, James RIce, Reilly Smith, Kate Williamson


Finding Brooklyn (4:59)


When a classmate goes missing after a bitter school election, a group of friends and foes go on a mission to find Brooklyn...and find the truth.

Cast & Crew: Clare Northcutt Bohmert, Bella Carney, Cooper Tucker, Mallory Ward, Lauren Walther, Romy Wright

Directed by Bella Carney​

Camp Misophonia (5:11)

A strange and ominous noise is causing kids to leave camp in droves, but two camp-loving friends will stop at nothing to stop the noise and stop the camp from closing. 

Cast & Crew: Abigail Byrge, Bella Carney, Theo Maciukenas, Gabriel Penley, Romy Wright

In Production


Round 2 (8:42)

After a tragic accident tears them apart, a close-knit group of friends are suspicially reunited only to find out that this may be their last chance to forgive each other...and themselves.

Cast & Crew: Brae FitzSimmons, Sienna Johnson, Cricket Shelton, Kate Williamson


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