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First Annual

Short Film Festival

The Bloomington Academy of Film & Theatre and Pigasus Institute invite you and your family to our first annual short film festival at the historic Buskirk-Chumley Theater in downtown Bloomington, Indiana on December 12 at 3pm.
FREE to the public, the festival will be presented in 2 parts with a 15 minute intermission. 
Click on the links below for the festival lineup!

Part 1 is kid friendly
Part 2 is for more mature audiences

The Road to the Festival

In late summer 2020, Bloomington Academy of Film at Theatre at Pigasus Institute launched BAFT Studios in an effort to bring together local actors, writers, and filmmakers to create short films. Using BAFT's studio spaces and top-of-the-line film equipment, short films projects were designed to foster a hands-on, collaborative learning environment with a focus on process as opposed to product. 

BAFT Studios short film projects have evolved from its inception to focus on the beginning-to-end creative process. With our more recent projects, filmmaker had the opportunity to contributes to every phase and role of the movie making process: ideation/conception, screenwriting, planning, shot listing, location and set design, acting, directing, sound, and editing. 

Each short film project presented both exciting and difficult challenges, and filmmakers quickly learned that making a movie requires a great attention to detail, out-of-the-box problem solving skills and innovation, and an urgent need for efficiency. The resulting10 short films, created by over 60 filmmakers of all ages, explore themes such as friendship, love, grief, cultural identity, fear, competition, jealousy, bullying, scandal, and--of course--cicadas. 

Included in the festival lineup are two short films created during BAFT's 2021 Movie Camp for Kids and Movie Camp for Teens. These special selections are prime examples of a successful collaborative process, and we congratulate these students on their excellent work. 

Acknowledgments and Special Thanks

Making a movie--even a short movie--takes a village. Although this festival highlights student work, it would not have been possible without the guidance, expertise, and contributions from the following team of talented instructors and creatives:

Matthew Herbertz

Byron Wolter

Brandie Spencer

Eric Shelley

Logan Hunter

John Armstrong

Emily Bedwell

This event is sponsored by

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